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Dj Elaya was born in Athens, Greece. From a very young age he was exposed to a variety of music through his family’s record shop. The fact that he was in a musical environment since he was born, has helped him in keeping up to date with what sounds we're happening in the music industry. Music for him became a way of life. While growing up he would manage the record shop. He began to realize that music would be his full time employment for the rest of his life. So he invested in Djing equipment.
So on his 13 birthday, he had his first proposal to dj at a club. In 2000, Dj Elaya, began his first radio show on RADIO DEEJAY and became the resident disc-jockey and soon also contribute his talents as a producer to Must FM radio. DJ Elaya has shared his knowledge of music and worked with Partysan magazine in Greece.



Elaya’s musical sets are full of Power, Energy and non STOP ACTION packed Beats. Don’t be surprised if you hear an old, classic dance track over a Techno, Trance, Electro track that you have never heard before. He describes his music as "attacking melodies" or "setting feelings". Whatever he means by that statement, one thing is for sure. He will surely keeping you dancing till the early hours. DJ Elaya, has been heard at festivals such as "Earthdance festival" in which his set were broadcasted live.
He has been featured on cd compilation in early 2011, along artists such as Matt Darey, Andrew Bennett, Kristy Thirsk, Kirsty Hawkshaw, Anxiety, Beat on Board an John Dee.DJ Elaya, has also appeared abroad, in England, Italy and to his personal "highlighted destination" in Netherlands.
Besides being the inspirer and owner of EGZ radio show (Elaya Global Zone) which is included in the program of a the successful radio station, on insomniaFM. Elaya is at the moment back in the studio "Arniotis 111" finishing off some old tracks, but also new ones with which he was working up to his personal studio.
Elaya perform’s at Clubs around Greece and Mykonos, festivals and open air parties here.
● Bulgaria - nightlife ● Italy - club life ● Netherlands - club life
● EGG club London​, and underground events in London
● Radio Producer​ for more than 6 radio stations: School radio, radio deejay, must fm, after hours, diva fm, insomnia fm
● Cd Compilation mix, released 2011 worldwide from "Volume fm​" discography company.
● Last track "Depression" 05/2017 on kp recordings​ for proton radio
● Writer for one of the biggest music portal here
● Professional Certified teacher of Dj courses
● Dj Elaya, latest Trax "Depression" on sale now.
● Unofficial remix of Dolly's Parton song "Jolene".


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